Flower Show School Course 3 – Madrid, IA

Madrid, IA Madrid, Iowa

Course Location:  Madrid, Iowa Dates of Course: 04/24/2024 - 04/26/2024 Registrar:  Sue Becker Instructors: FSP:  Jan Griffin Horticulture:  Jan Griffin - Conifers & Combination Plantings Design:  Shirley Tetreault - Spatial Thrust & Angular

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Flower Show School Symposium – Cantonment, FL

Cantonment, FL Cantonment, Florida

Horticulture :David Robson Topic: Hydrangeas and Aroids Allied Topic: Collections vs. Displays Design :Frances Thrash and Tina Tuttle Topic (Frances Thrash): Panel and Creative Line Mass Designs Allied Topic (Tina Tuttle): The 8 Plants That Changed the World

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Flower Show School Course 4 – South Barrington, IL

South Barrington, IL South Barrington, IL

FSP & Horticulture :Jan Griffin FSP: Virtual via Zoom on 6/20 Horticulture Topics: Conifers and Collections and Displays Design :Claudia Bates Design Topics: Abstract and Armature Designs Horticulture and Design take place on 6/24-6/26

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Flower Show School Course 4 – Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM

Flower Show Procedure: Lynn Fronk FSP – Virtual via Zoom on 7/20 Horticulture: Jan Griffin Horticulture Topics: Vegetables, Fruits, Cucurbits, Displays, and Collections Design: Claudia Bates Design Topics: Advanced Design Types

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Flower Show School Symposium – Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL Birmingham, AL

Horticulture: Jan Griffin Pollinator Plants (Pentas) and Hydrangeas Allied Topic: Innovative Staging for Horticulture Design: Lynn Fronk Tables (Exhibitions and Trays) Allied Topic: Evaluating the Standard Flower Show

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