Flower Show School Course 3 – Derby, CT

Derby, CT Derby, CT

FSP via Zoom on May 24th Design and Horticulture in Person on May 31st - June 2nd   FSP & Creative Design with Lynn Fronk Horticulture with Jan Griffin: Araceae & Combination Planting/Herbs

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Flower Show School Symposium- Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL Birmingham, AL

Design with Claudia Bates: Topics: Armature & Construction Designs Allied Topic: What`s New Mechanics for Design   Horticulture with Pam Braun: Topics: Collections / Displays  & Herbs Allied Topic: Plant Manipulation

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Flower Show School Symposium- Mansfield, OH

Mansfield, OH Mansfield, OH

Design with Julia Clevett: Topics: Comparison between Traditional & Creative Designs Allied Topic: Evaluating a Flower Show   Horticulture with Darlene Newell: Topics: Cucurbita & Succulents Allied Topic: Vertical Gardening

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